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Post by Vannin on 27/2/2011, 3:48 am


If your that concerned about the VCV, attend the meetings.

But see your Doctor first, either your dosage is to low or they have put you on the wrong medication!

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Post by Ramble on 27/2/2011, 5:00 am

Vannin wrote:vanner64,

But see your Doctor first, either your dosage is to low or they have put you on the wrong medication!

I dont think its helpfull to start slinging insults ATM. its an open forum where everybodies ideas N thoughts should be heard.even if we dont like them or agree, thats why we log in. Not trying to be preachy, but a lot of guys here will remember the shit-slinging in the eighties that nearly killed our sport.
But this is just 1 mans opinion

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Post by vanner065 on 27/2/2011, 6:30 am

Hey Ramble, your thoughts are spot on. But i gotta reply to Sean!!

Sean, It does not matter if you did not have a signature at the bottom of your page, you are a MV member and we all know that, you should distant yourself as a individual making a comment before you start writting it, but the issue is not about MV. You actually do damage to all vanners in general, including MV with your rediculous comments.

Your letter sounds like you are saying the VCV is corrupt and a bunch of cheats. These petty issues you seem to have are just that, "Petty". Don't ask me for all the details you want on numbers. accounts, attendances etc. I am just a memeber of the VCV, not on the committee. Put pen to paper and send it to the VCV if you want answers. Don't be surprised if you get a big "LOL" across the reply. Seriously, what satisfaction are you going to get to find out all these trivial matters. Oh by the way, don't just point the finger at the VCV, they are not the only ones to run a Nats, so i guess you better write to SA, QLD, and your NSW friends for all their gate takings and expenditures and anything else you want to know or is it only Victoria you have the problem with or think are cheats and thieves? Also, every year the VCV hold elections at the Nats for a new committee, so who ever runs it runs it how they want to, but saying that, each year after the Nats an audit is done and the VCV puts everything in their magazine for all to see, so if you became a member you would see all this. This site has nothing to do with the VCV so it does not need to publish the details here, if you are that worried about what happened with all the money and the attendances etc from the 1981 or 1995 Nats then write them a letter, but i am sure records only need to be kept for 7 years because we are incorporated.

You wanna know details on all members, why?? What is it to do with you and who cares where people come from, i can tell you there are members from every state in the country, NZ and the USA. What about peoples rights to privacy?? I am sure you won't give out the same details for each MV member.

Sounds like you are also saying that if you don't have Victorian plates then you have bugger all chance of any awards at the Nats, get fair dinkum dude, their is no favouritism at all, vans are judged equally, if it is a fact as you say then i suggest you post right here your proof of this. If you wanna see more NSW vans in the top 10 or recieving any other rewards then i suggest more NSW people attend, or do most only want to go if it is held in NSW. You say we should all stick together, then attend the nats, encourage your people to come along and experience it for themselves rather than turn them away because of your bad experience and negative comments. Personally i want to see every one together, not one group going their own way and organising another event alongside the countries biggest and most important van event of the year, isn't that dividing us????

I am one of the first to criticise things the VCV do, ask anyone. I speak my mind and i also look at things from the other persons perspective just to get responces from a different point of view because i know people think things but won't say anything through fear of causing an arguement or something. I know also my comments have beed topics of discussion on the MV forum at times. The problem their is i will get bagged by some and those who don't know me will beliieve what they hear with out getting to know me. But this is not about me. I will defend the VCV and its actions if i believe they are right as i would any other organisation. I have been a member of the VCV for over 20 years and i know their is no preferences, no bias, no scamming of any sort going on, it can't happen because we get audited. I am sure you will stick up for MV just as i do for VCV.

I do not care what club you belong to or where you come from, i would make the same comments to anyone who makes such rediculous comments and requests or tries to stir up trouble. I want to see everyone at the Nats. I want to see everyone get along, but it isn't going to happen if you want to come on this site and stir the pot as you did, i would rather you not look here at all and keep your comments to yourself unless you are going to be civil and contribute in a positive manner.

So, write your letter to the VCV to get your answers, not on this public forum which has nothing to do with the VCV. Oh, and remember, when you say VCV in your blame, you are also blamming people who are not on this forum, who have never been on the committee and may never will be. People you have never met, so i guess you better choose your words better. What have they done to you??

Well i guess you will not be appologising to The VCV or Victorians becaues you wont get your answers within a week. By the way i say Victorians because i remember you some time back now on the old forum mouthing off how you hate Victorians, and many people here will remember that, has that changed or is it you only now like the ones who have joined MV. I may not like some people from interstate but it does not mean i dislike them all. I can dislike some one but still have the balls to say hello and then move on.

Now i look forward to your sensible reply, after that i hope this topic will be put to rest. I just wanted to know where every one had gone, didn't need those remarks you put up. Will you be writting to the VCV to get your answers??

Remember "together we stand, divided we fall"



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Post by Admin on 28/2/2011, 5:35 am

As Admin I will now have my say. This site is open to everyone no matter what club they belong to, or even if they belong to a club. We have members from all over Australia, New Zealand, the UK and US. This site is not affiliated with ANY club. If anyone has a problem with any club, direct your complaints to that club NOT Vanning Australia.

One of the main reasons I was chosen by Daz to be admin of this site was because I have never been a member of any van club despite my interest. I was chosen for my impartiality.

I am pleased that throughout this thread there has been no attacks directed at Majestic Vanners. As Rusty has said the comments made by Sean have been his alone and have nothing to do with the club. I'm glad that everyone has seen this and thanks go to those who has spoken in support of MV. I know several past and present members of this club and am in full support of them.

The main problem that is happening is with one person determined to stir the pot. Many people on this site know the trouble that Sean has started in the past so if you are new to the site, don't think that we are being unfair to a supposed new member. From his first post it was obvious who he was even when he tried to hide it. For some reason he seems to want to cause trouble for people who aren't members of MV, as well as his ongoing complaints about VCV. Vanning Australia has nothing to do with VCV and we accept anyone whether they are part of a van club or not.

James started this thread to find out why the site had gone quiet. I think we do have to thank Sean for bringing people back to this site even if that wasn't his intention. Also thanks to everyone that has spoken out in support of the vanning community. The vanning community may not be as big as it was in the 70's and 80's, and may not be as big as the other car clubs, but I think we have shown that we support each other and we don't like anyone speaking out against the community.

I think that this has now gone on long enough. I was going to allow Sean the chance to respond to James' comments but I don't see that helping the situation. None of this has anything to do with the thread topic so I am now going to lock the thread. This has been done to death and we don't want to see the same arguments over and over. Besides I'm sure everyone has better things to do like get ready for the Nats.


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