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Transcript of 2003 panelvan episode on george negus

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Transcript of 2003 panelvan episode on george negus

Post by Ramble on 22/5/2009, 12:44 pm

Hi all
this may be a bit long winded but I thought it may be an amusing read for sum.
Its a transcript of an episode on the ABC show GNT (george negus tonight) aired in 2003 the last segment was on panel van culture. I like negus's last comment. would be good to see the footage though.
PS. there was a couple pics but they didnt load when i copied.

Panel Van
Broadcast 6.30pm on 10/03/2003

The last story for the night pays homage to an Australian driving icon, the Panel Van, a car that appeared on Australian roads soon after that other quintessentially Aussie invention, the Ute. The first Holden Panel Van was introduced with the FJ Model in 1953. The panel van was a logical development for the rural and tradesmen markets at which Utes were aimed, providing the same large carrying space with an enclosed and covered body. However, by 1970, Panel Vans had taken on a whole new image of a hot recreational vehicle, far removed from their humble proletarian origins. Throughout the Seventies, Panel Vans reigned supreme amongst young Aussie motorists and even today the famous ‘Sandman’ still holds its allure and has just as many fans. We meet some of these enthusiasts and hear just what it is that keeps them enthralled with the great Aussie Panel Van.

GEORGE NEGUS: You'll enjoy this next piece, by the way.

It's not about a champion Australian driver, but a champion Australian car. In this, our last piece tonight, we pay grovelling homage to yet another quintessentially Australian motoring icon.

REPORTER: Panel van cars have become a famous Australian motoring icon since they were first introduced by Holden in 1953. The panel van was designed as a logical extension of the equally famous Australian car - the ute, which was designed for men who wanted both a sturdy working car as well as a car for leisure activities.

MAN: It was a...a plain and simple Holden, Ford or Chrysler van. started life as a tradesman's van. But, uh...when young blokes got hold of them, they customised them.

MAN 2: They were a workhorse. But then, in the '70s, the youth took over, changed it. Turned it into a recreational vehicle rather than a commercial vehicle.

REPORTER: Although panel vans were popular in the 1970s, there are still active panel van clubs around Australia whose members live for their vehicle.

MAN 2: It's a lifestyle. It's just's a way out, I suppose. I girlfriend and I just take off.

MAN 3: I use it for surfing.

MAN 4: Camping. Sleeping in. The kids - they love it in the back.

MAN 1: It was the beach to begin with. But it was also, uh...just travelling around. And you could throw all that you needed in the back and away you go.

REPORTER: By customising or changing details of their vans, owners could express their own unique personalities through their cars.

MAN 5: There's lots of room in the back. You do what you like. A bit of expression in the back. Do whatever.

MAN 6: Well, I honestly can't think of another vehicle that you've got this sort of scope in the interior to be able to do something with, to be so creative. It's actually only a black and white TV, but it does work. Handmade seats. A carpenter made these, and mounted on swivel bases. And I've won the national title three years in a row.

MAN 3: Everybody's different for what they want them for. I want to do it up as a show car, a fast car, take it to the drags.

MAN 6: The Sandman, in general, is a pretty well famous car.

MAN 7: We were looking around for a long time. We came across this.

WOMAN: And fell in love.

MAN 7: We've got this lovely, beautiful, Australian red-back spider here, set in resin for the gearstick. And I've got these beautiful mats down here. I don't know if you can see them. They're Sandman mats I had made up.

REPORTER: One of the features of the vans which became an art form were the murals that were painted or airbrushed on the side of the van. These were often elaborately designed pictures depicting fantasies of all kinds.

MAN 6: Um...and again, that's starting to come back again now. I mean, uh...flame jobs and, uh...murals and graphics and all that sort of thing came and went. Murals are really starting to come back again now.

WOMAN 2: It's a car, but you can also treat it as a...well, a bedroom. (Chuckles)

MAN 4: Mobile bedroom, basically.

REPORTER: Since the 1970s, the panel van has had a reputation for being a lovers' den on wheels.

MAN 8: It's a must. It's an experience. You know, the panel van has a reputation, and if you don't do the thing, you know, you're just missing out.

REPORTER: The drive-in was always a popular destination for young lovers to park their vans.

MAN 8: There's not many left on the road. But people definitely know them as a good old Aussie icon. Yeah. Very special car of their times.

MAN 9: The panel van's where it is, and it's ageless. I mean, it's as cool today as it was in 1971 when it was released. You know? I think it'll still be as cool in another 30 years.

REPORTER: It seems the panel van offers a combination of freedom of lifestyle and a vehicle which the owner can modify themselves to create a truly individual, an iconic Australian car.

GEORGE NEGUS: Cool, man. The panel van. A mobile bedroom where you do 'the thing'. I've got no idea what that bloke was talking about.

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Re: Transcript of 2003 panelvan episode on george negus

Post by highwaymenace on 22/5/2009, 1:09 pm

Stormbringer has this on video,, i know i got a copy if it.. lol

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Re: Transcript of 2003 panelvan episode on george negus

Post by hell raiser on 23/5/2009, 2:23 am

Wouldn't mind transferring that to DVD or has it already been done

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Re: Transcript of 2003 panelvan episode on george negus

Post by highwaymenace on 23/5/2009, 2:50 am

will ask Storm if it ok next time i speak with him,

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Re: Transcript of 2003 panelvan episode on george negus

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